Review: Science in Sport Immune Tablets

If you saw my earlier blog post you will see that it is very common to lose some of your immunity while training, especially when

If You Love Running, You Will Love

Let’s be honest, there is a subscription box out there for everything. If you have a niche or genre you love, chances are you can

Simple Things Every Runner Needs to Stay

For some people heavy training can actually have an adverse affect on the immune system. In his book Marathon, Hal Higdon states

The biggest things I didn’t know about

If you followed along this weekend on my socials you would have seen that I attended this year’s Virtual Bibrave Summit. Each year BibRave holds

I am back for another Team Altra

2020 had its challenges, but one definitive bright spot in my year was becoming an Altra Red Team member. While I was only able to

5 Steps to Maximize Your Marathon Experience

I have run two marathons in my life, one which was the most intense experience of my life, and one that was better, but not